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Frequently Asked Questions

Laser Hair Removal FAQ

How does laser hair removal work?
The laser produces light at a frequency that heats melanin.  Most hair has some melanin in it.  The melanin is most dense at the base of the hair follicle.  When fired, the laser inputs enough energy into the hair follicle to cause thermal destruction.  This “kills” the follicle and prevents it from continuing to grow hair.
Why do I need to get multiple treatments?
Only about 15% of hair follicles are active at any one time.  The laser treatment only works on actively growing follicles.
How many treatments will I need?
Typically 5-6 treatments will eliminate 90% of hair.  Some people will be pleased with 2-3 treatments.  If decreasing hair density is the goal, 1-2 treatments may suffice.  Some light colored or very fine hair may not be eliminated with any number of treatments.
Does it hurt?
Minimally.  Our laser works in several ways to decrease your discomfort.  It has a very large spot size which translates into fewer pulses needed.  It uses a suction assisted technology that overrides pain receptors.  You feel suction, but not pain.  The laser is tuned to a very specific wavelength of light, so less heat is transferred to structures that do not need heat.  These factors work in conjunction to make the Lightsheer Duet the best in the industry.
What Laser do you use?

We use the Lumenis Lightsheer Duet:  The Gold Standard in the Laser Hair Removal industry.

We are especially proud of the function of our laser.  We researched several of the highest rated models from several manufactures.  Patients that have had treatments with other systems are literally blown away with the speed, comfort and efficacy of our system.

How much does it cost?
Please see the attached price list here. How much do you spend on razors, shaving cream, waxing, delapidating?  What is it worth to not worry about whether your legs and armpits are presentable at a moments notice? We encourage you to consider laser hair removal as a long term investment.  Your time is valuable.  Not having to groom or shave will give you more time to use as you want.  More time with people you love?  Sleep in?  Get to work earlier?  It will be worth it.  
Do you have packages?
Yes, we will occasionally be offering packages, check our facebook and twitter feeds.  We will be partnering with Slate Creek Spa, allowing us to offer special packages for your special events. Please see the price list.  You will notice that we charge less for subsequent treatments.  Our prices are quite competitive.
How long do treatments take?
Less time than you think.  Armpits can be done in less than 5 minutes.  An average man’s back takes about 25 minutes.  Please see the attached time sheet to give you an idea of time requirements.
What should I do before laser hair removal treatments?
We ask that areas be shaved day of or 1 day before treatment.  Do not tan or have sun exposure at least 1 week prior to treatments.
What can I expect after treatment?
You may notice red bumps immediately after treatment.  These are the hair follicles that have be affected by the lasers heat.  Your body will expel the hair root over the next several days.  You may notice you do not have to shave affected area as frequently and you should have about 15-20% less hair growth in the area.  As the number of treatments increase, the amount of hair will decrease.  You should have about 90% hair removal after 5 treatments.
What are possible adverse or bad outcomes?

Burns are possible as a powerful laser is used during the procedure.  This can be mitigated by not exposing your skin to sunlight or tanning beds.

Skin color changes are possible.  This is more likely if you get a burn or if you are darker skinned. Please answer skin typing questionare as accurately as possible.  Inform staff of all medications and supplements you are taking.

Eye damage is possible with laser light.  We will ask that you wear completely occlusive eye shielding during all laser procedures.

Can anybody get laser hair removal?

Most people can.  Our laser is FDA approved to treat all skin types, however, as skin gets darker, efficacy of treatments decreases and risk of adverse outcomes increases.  If you are very dark skinned, we would do small test spots several weeks prior to full area treatment to ensure safety and efficacy.

You should not have treatments if pregnant.

Certain chronic diseases, skin conditions and medications may preclude you from treatment.

A history and review will be done prior to any treatments to ensure you are a suitable candidate.


What is a Photofacial or Photo- Skin Rejuvenation?
We have a 4th generation IPL machine that provides very specific treatments to your skin.  High intensity light is filtered and precisely delivered to the skin.  This reacts with targeted structures and pigments creating heat.  The heat causes destruction and/ or shrinkage of these structures.  Old appearing, sun damaged skin is cleared.  Collagen is replaced.  Your skin will look years younger.
Is IPL Painful?

There is some discomfort with IPL.  It has been described as getting snapped by a rubber band or ‘Zappy’.  Medication can be applied prior to treatment that can help with this discomfort.   We recommend application about 1hr before treatment.  The medication can be applied by us prior to treatment, and you would wait about one hour for it to become fully effective.  Alternatively, we can write a prescription for the medication and you can apply it prior to your appointment.

After treatment your skin may be sensitive to the sun and feel like a mild sunburn.

What Preparations Must I Make Prior to IPL procedures?

No changes to your normal routine are necessary before or after treatment.  However, sun exposure must be limited prior to and following IPL treatment.

What Will I Look Like Immediately After an IPL Procedure?

There may be a slight redness or blotchiness to the skin.  This usually disappears after an hour.  Age spots may darken soon after IPL treatments as a result of the light interacting with the pigment in your age spots, and may fade or flake off following your treatment.  Other than that, there will be no outward signs of trauma to your skin.

Why Do I Need Multiple Treatments?

The goal with this procedure is to provide maximum benefit with minimal trauma and risk to the skin.  Several treatments ensure gradual, natural-looking improvement. Results usually last a year or more.


Botox Faq

What is the Difference between Botulinum products?
The products differ slightly in chemical composition.  Botox and Xeomin are dosed the same with 1 unit of Botox equalling 1 unit of Xeomin.  Dysport is dosed differently and requires more units for the same effect.  You will read online that one is better than another.  For a few select people that may by true, but for most people the product is less important than the person doing the injection.  When you come to see us, we will clearly tell you what product you are getting.  Many practices are not transparent with this and may say your are getting "Botox" when, in fact, you may be getting another product. We stock all three, but we typically prefer Xeomin.  It is the newest formulation on the market and is the most "Clean" medication with no preservatives and less proteins that can cause allergic reactions and antibody formation.  It is dosed the same as brand name Botox, but is less expensive.  This means that you will get more bang for your buck

Fillers Faq